Worm gear machine screw jacks are mechanical devices used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. They are often powered by a motor or hand crank, providing precise control over the movement of heavy loads. They are not only used for lifting or lowering, push or pull, but also using for tilting and pivoting.

In the article, we will introduce you two methods to achieve tilting-pivoting application. Let’s take a closer look at each method.

Screw Jack+ Pivot Mounting

screw jack pivoting application

The screw jack uses a swiveling/trunnion mounting base and swiveling plates to place under the casting,  top screw is fitted with a pivot end(such as fork end, clevis end, or rod end). Then the jack moves through an arc to pivot at both ends.

  • Such pivot applications are often used to avoid radial load on the screw.
  • Trunnion mount base/plates are available in different sizes.
  • All accessories are available including handwheel, motor, reducer, and sensor.
  • Simple installation, easy operation.
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Screw Jack+ Double Clevis

screw jack double clevis

One double clevis end is fitted on the top of the lifting screw,  the other clevis is welded to a cover tube. Two clevis ends are used to perform swiveling movements. It offers flexibility in positioning the screw jack and allows for adjustments to accommodate different mounting configurations.

In contrast to trunnion mounting, double-clevis mounting positions the pivot further from the jack body. This characteristic can compromise its integrity as a column due to the introduction of eccentric loads on the screw. The degree of eccentricity typically escalates with increased distance and heavier loading.  So double-clevis jacks are constrained in both their capacity and maximum length.

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Common Screw Jack Angle Tilt Adjustment Applications

Pivoting screw jacks are commonly used in specific applications where precise tilting or pivoting motions are required. Some specific areas or applications where pivoting screw jacks are commonly used include:

pivoting screw jack for Antenna Dish Positioning
Screw Jack Angle Tilt Adjustment
Screw Jack swiveling and tilting application
  1. Solar Tracking Systems: Pivoting screw jacks are employed in solar tracking systems to adjust the angle of solar panels throughout the day, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure for maximum energy production. These screw jacks enable precise tilting movements to track the sun’s position and maximize solar energy capture.
  2. Satellite Dish Positioning: Pivoting screw jacks are utilized in satellite dish positioning systems to control the orientation and alignment of satellite antennas. They enable precise tilting or pivoting movements to optimize signal reception and transmission for satellite communication systems.
  3. Industrial Automation: Pivoting screw jacks are integrated into industrial automation systems for tasks such as adjusting the angle of conveyor belts, tilting workstations, or positioning robotic arms. These screw jacks enable precise tilting or pivoting motions to optimize production processes and enhance operational efficiency.
  4. Adjustable Height Tables and Workstations: Pivoting screw jacks are incorporated into adjustable height tables, desks, and workstations to facilitate ergonomic positioning for users. These screw jacks enable smooth and precise tilting movements, allowing users to customize the height and angle of their work surfaces for comfort and productivity.
  5. Marine and Offshore Applications: Pivoting screw jacks are used in marine and offshore applications for tasks such as adjusting the angle of ship stabilizers, tilting offshore platforms, or positioning marine equipment. These screw jacks provide reliable and precise tilting or pivoting motions to optimize vessel stability and equipment performance in challenging marine environments.
  6. Medical and Healthcare Equipment: Pivoting screw jacks are integrated into medical and healthcare equipment such as adjustable hospital beds, examination tables, or surgical tables. These screw jacks enable smooth and precise tilting movements, allowing healthcare professionals to adjust patient positions for optimal comfort and accessibility during procedures.

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