servo worm gearbox

The servo worm gear reducer is a new generation servo reducer product based on the original NMRV series. The NMRVS servo worm gear reducer body can be adapted to servo motors of different power levels, up to 7.5KW.

  • Full hollow design and cooling ribs make the reducer with excellent box strength and heat conduction performance.
  • Installed at 90° right angle, saving space.
  • The space gap is within 15 minutes and can reach a maximum of 6 points.
  • Cast iron motor flange, strong installation.
  • It has a self-locking function and will not reverse even when loaded.
  • Can match different brands of servo motors.
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Worm Gearbox For Servo Motor

Servo Worm Gear Reducer Model Code:
1. Servo reducer input type: NMRV
2. Center distance: 040, 050, 063, 075, 090, 110, 130, 150
3. Reduction ratio: 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100
4. Output mode: VS (single-phase input shaft), SS (single-phase output shaft), DS (bidirectional output shaft), FA, FB, FC, FD output flange, R torque arm.
5. Accuracy requirements: 15′, 8′
6. Servo brand model
7. Installation location
8. Auxiliary code

worm gear servo motor drawing worm gearbox for servo motor sizes