Nowadays power screw jacks are more and more popular for stage, theater, and orchestra platform lifts. Since it needs to be more and more intelligent and changeable. A large stage arrangement has more than 3,000 liftable stage screens. Each piece requires an efficient screw jack as the drive mechanism.

Ball screw jacks, especially bevel gear ball screw jacks can be built in many different layouts, it allows fast, stable, safe, and quiet movements for the stage. As a professional screw jack supplier, LiftingMotion has extensive application experience in this field.

screw jack used in Stage
power screw jack for stage lift
screw jack for stage lift

How it works?

Power screw jacks are one of the most widely used equipment for stage lift. In professional opera theatres, dance theatres, and theatres, and even in some turntable-based theatres, there are a large number of lift platforms of various types. The roller turntable is also equipped with lifting tables or lifting blocks of different specifications.

Many internationally renowned concert halls are equipped with lead lifts for bands, choirs or large instruments. In some experimental small theaters, in order to realize the change of stage form, the whole stage is covered with screw lifts designed according to the modulus. Take the Grand Theater for example. There are 45 elevators under the opera house, 2 elevators in the theater drum carousel, 13 elevators under the concert hall, and 3 elevators under the concert hall. Screw lifts and piano screw lifts. In the design of the experimental small theater, twenty-four screw lifts are arranged.

Quickly Change Scenes The main screw jack arranged in the main performance area of ​​the stage are mainly used for quick scene changes. In a typical cabaret theatre stage arranged in a “needle” shape, the lead screw jacks, sidecar platform, and rear car turntable can quickly change the whole or part of the scene. This arrangement allows for the quick conversion of three complete sets.

To meet the needs of the stage technical layout. When the “pin” shape is arranged on the stage of the cabaret theater, the auxiliary screw lifts are usually arranged on the main stage screw lifts in the front, rear, left, and right. The rear auxiliary screw jack is used to smoothly open the sidecar platform and the rear vehicle turntable, and the front auxiliary screw lift is used to place the rear vehicle turntable near the entrance.

After pushing out the sidecar platform or the rear car turntable, the leveling platform under the sidecar platform and the rear car turntable can be used to level the platform, so that the entire platform has no height difference, thus ensuring safety. actor.

Meet the needs of stage designers and theatre directors. In different theaters, according to the design of the stage and the requirements of the director, the height of the screw jack can be used to change the shape of the stage to meet the requirements of the scene or venue. Save manpower and material resources consumed by the scene. The use of the tilting device of the power screw jack to form a sloping table surface allows for a better perspective effect of various performances.

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