LiftingMotion trapezoidal screw jack uses trapezoidal screw and high-precision worm gear. The self-locking function makes it an ideal mechanical component for lifting and lowering the load. It has high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

  • Load capacity from 0.25T~120T
  • Easy maintenance with grease lubrication
  • Compared with ball screw jacks, it’s suitable for low-speed, low-frequency applications.
  • Can be used individually or multi jack system with connections via shafts, couplings, and bevel gearboxes.
trapezoidal screw jack upright

Upright Screw Transiting

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trapezoidal screw jack inverted

Inverted Screw Translating

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trapezoidal screw jack nut traveling

Upright Nut Travelling

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trapezoidal screw jack rotating

Inverted Nut Travelling

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Packaged Solution

We can custom design the packaged solution to fit your specifications, which include the motor, speed reducer, motor, couplings, shaft, pillow block, limit switch for your complete system requirements.

Let’s save your money and time in design and procurement.

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Trapezoidal Screw Jack

Countless Project Experience

LifingMotion supplies trapezoidal Screw Jack in a wide array of applications, such as water gates, paper-making machines, hoist and transport, building and construction, sheet metal machinery, packaging, etc.

You will benefit from the capacity of Research & Development with our engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the power transmission and linear motion industry.

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Features On Our Trapezoidal Screw Jack, Benefits on You.

 Economical and Robust

The spherical graphite housing, hardened and ground worm gear, high precision machined worm wheel offers ample strength.

Safe Design With Self-locking Function

In most cases, the trapezoidal screw is self-locking. It will hold the position even during unexpected power cuts. Thus providing optimum safety for the user.

Wide-ranging Necessories

You can get coupling, shaft, limit switch, handwheel, dust cover, speed reducer, motor, pillow block etc from one single source.

Suitable for both Manual or Motorized drive

It can be driven manually by handwheel, or electronically by the motor. Our Engineers will help to select the right models or design a complete system to fit your needs.

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