staliness steel screw jack

LiftingMotion’s stainless steel screw jacks use stainless steel or bronze material for all exposed surfaces and components, it’s ideal for use in corrosive, wet environments, chemical or food industries.

  • High resistance to corrosion, can use underwater.
  • Can customize to your specification.
  • Upright or inverted, screw translating or nut rotating
  • Screw end options: top plate, clevis, plain end, thread end.
  • Three jack configurations: translating, rotating, and keyed.
  • Can use individually or in multiple arrangements.
  • The housing, shaft, covers, motor flanges, lifting screw, and screw end heads except the worm gear are made of stainless steel.
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In-house Manufacturing & 100% Stainless Steel Jack Inspection

Raw materials decide the screw jack’s overall quality. At LiftingMotion, we use the best materials to guarantee the performance & lifetime of the steel jack you purchased.

  • Housing: 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Worm shaft: 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Lifting Screw: 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Shell Cap: 304 or 316 stainless steel, locked into place by set screws
  • Top Plate/Protect Tube: 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Bearings: Tapered or ball thrust bearings, anti-friction, and provide rugged reliability.
  • Worm gear: ZQAl9-4 or ZCuSn10Pb1, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not prone to seizure, good casting performance, and cutting performance.
stainless steel jack
Maximum Load (T)1T2.5T5T10T15T20T30T50T75T100T
Outer Diameter of screw (mm)20264050556585120130150
 Root Diameter of screw (mm)14.819.730.538.443.451.367102112127
Screw Pitch (mm)45810101216161620
Gear RatioH56688810.610.610.612
Efficiency %H21212222202019151313
Permissible max. Power

( KW )

No-load Torque(N·m)0.290.621.422.63.99.819.629.439.2
Permissible torque of

input shaft (N·m)*

Required torque of input

shaft at max. Load (N.m)

Screw travel length (mm)

per turn of worm shaft

Permissible max. Input(rpm)

when max. load

Screw torque when

max. Load (N·m)


Quality is maintained throughout the lifting machine jacks manufacturing process, from material selection to mass production and packaging.

Our QC makes sure that all of our products follow industry standards through various inspections and tests.

stainless steel jack testing

With over 10 years of professional manufacturing experience, our specialized workers always produce stainless steel jack with refined craftsmanship and consistent quality.

Whether working on large volume orders or simply 1 set, our standardized production process makes sure you get the same level of high-quality goods at a short lead time.

  • Well-trained Staffs
  • Extensive Manufacturing experience
  • Fully-equipped Production Workshop
  • Well-established manufacturing standard
Stainless Steel Screw Jacks production

As the screw jack is very heavy especially for the one with a heavy load and long stroke, we value packing very much.

Every stainless steel screw jack is carefully packed with plastic wrap, foaming agent, and carton box before it goes into the export wooden case.

Fixed devices are built into the wooden box to prevent movement during transportation for the long stroke jacks, which ensures all parts are safe and sound after arrival.


Specially customized high precision stainless steel machine screw jack for medical industry application.

Features on Our Steel Screw Jacks, Benefits on You.

Over 10 Years of  Manufacturing and Application Experience

You can trust our products to deliver reliable performance year after year because they benefit from over 10 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Tailored solutions for your specific application

LiftingMotion understands that each customer and project can have unique requirements. Our highly experienced engineers can tailor an optimum solution to best fit your application and budget.


The combination of affordable material and streamlined processing maintains the low cost of production without reducing the quality of the produc

Hassle-free Technical Support

Whenever you need assistance regarding screw jack selection or solution, our professional technical team is always ready and available to address your concern with reliable results

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