small screw jacks lifting

LiftingMotion’s small screw jacks lifting has an extremely compact design while securing sufficient strength and high performance, it offers precision positioning and fine adjustments.

  • 2.5KN load capacity
  • Type: screw translating, keyed, nut rotation
  • Compact design, jack housing only 50*50*60mm
  • Available in 1:4 and 1:16 gear ratio
  • Can operate manually by handwheel or electrically by the motor.
  • End fittings: top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end, forked head, etc.
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Miniature Lifting Screw Jack Spec

Like our standard screw jack, it also has two basic versions, screw translating and nut traveling. For the translating screw type, it uses an acme screw traveling into or out from the gearbox. The lifting screw protrudes from the gearbox to lift the load. For the nut traveling type (also call rotating ball screw jack), The lifting screw shaft remains stationary. The bronze lifting nut moves along the screw shaft to lift the load.

We can also produce screw jacks with an anti-rotation feature(also called keyed screw jack), it can prevent its lifting screw from drag turning.

Jack ModelMax. Lifting Force(KN )Lift Screw Size( mm )Gear Ratio ( H )Travel length(mm) per full turn of worm Shaft ( H )Starting Efficiency % ( H )Working Efficiency % ( H ) at 1500rpmMax. Permissible power ( KW ) With High RatioGear Ratio ( L )Travel length(mm) per full turn of worm Shaft ( L )Starting Efficiency % ( L )Working Efficiency % ( L ) at 1500rpmMax. Permissible power ( KW ) With Low Ratio
small screw jack

Nut Travelling Type

miniature screw jack

 Screw Translating Type

small lifting screw jacks

 Screw Translating Type

motorized screw jacks

Nut Travelling Type

Features on Our Small Screw Jack Lifting, Benefits on You.

Free 2D or 3D

Our engineer can help with the design and supply 2D / 3D CAD drawing in various formats. It’s easy for you to transfer CAD data into your system.

Over 10 Years of  Manufacturing and Application Experience

You can trust our products to deliver reliable performance year after year because they benefit from over 10 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Wide-ranging accessories options are available, including handwheel, limit switch, dust cover,  motor, gearboxes, coupling, connecting shaft, etc. You can get a complete system which is ready to use.

Very Compact And Light Weight

This small screw jack housing is in compact cubic design, the size is only 60*50*50mm. The aluminum alloy material makes it very lightweight while securing sufficient strength and high performance.

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