screw jack with motor

Screw Jack can be driven by all kinds of electric motors such as geared motor, servo motor, stepper motor, three-phase motor, single-phase motor, 12v/24v/48v brush or brushless DC motor, etc. At LiftingMotion, you can get all types of screw jacks with motors from one single source to meet your application request.

  • Load capacity: From 0.25T~120T
  • Screw Jack Option: machine screw jack, acme screw jack, bevel gear jack, stainless steel jack, ball screw jack, etc.
  • Driven optional accessories: motor, reducer, motor mounts, encoders, limit switches, etc.

Our engineer can help to select the suitable screw jack with motor based on your load capacity, duty cycle, column strength, speed, jack layout, etc.

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A Wide Range Of Reducers & Motors fitted to Screw Jacks

LiftingMotion has wide experience in motor technology and offers screw jack with motor at attractive prices, whether using AC, DC, servo, stepper or other types of motors.

  • A wide range of speed reducers and motors are available,  so you can get a complete solution from us with proper fittings.
  • Offer consultancy and technical support for a complete solution
  • Offer 2D drawings or 3D models for a complete solution
screw jack with RV worm gearbox reducer and three phase motor

acme screw jack with RV worm gearbox reducer and three-phase motor

screw jack with Helical Motor GearboX

machine screw jack with helical bevel gear reducer and 380v AC/50HZ three-phase motor

electric motor screw jacks

translating screw jack with F Series Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer and three-phase motor

screw jack with stepper motor

upright worm gear screw jack with motor flange and stepper motor

screw jack with Planetary Reducer and servo motor

inverted screw jack with high precision planetary reducer and servo motor

screw jack with PC helical gear speed reducer and IEC motor

screw jack with PC series pre-stage helical gear speed reducer and IEC electric motor

Motor Driven Screw Jack Testing Before Delivery

Our experienced sales engineer team is always ready to help you with advising and supplying the ideal solution.

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