LiftingMotion screw jack platform can be built in many formats with miter gearboxes, speed reducer, connecting shaft, couplings, pillow blocks and motors, so the whole system operates and controls together.

You can get all accessories including driven parts from one single source. The necessaries are not limited as shown below. We can fully customize the whole system to suit your specific applications.

screw jack platform

1. Screw Jack
Available in ball screw jack, machine screw jack, stainless steel jack, bevel gear jack etc.

2. Flexible Coupling
All kinds of coupling including jaw, geared type, spacer, etc to suit each system requirement.

3. Bevel Gearbox:
Available in cubic type and economic type

4. Drive Shaft
Driveshaft has different shaft diameters from 25mm to 60mm. Self-supporting drive shafts (spacer couplings) are also available.

5. Electric Motor
Electric motors in 3 phase AC, 1 phase AC, DC, servo motor, etc. Brakes are available for all motors.

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Screw Jack Lift Platform Layout Example

Screw Jack platforms are not limited to the structure shown below. They can be supplied to 2,3, 4, 6, 8 jacks. Larger platforms can extend to 16 or higher. LifingMotion’s extensive experience can provide you with the most economical and reliable method in building a screw jack lift platform. Below are common screw jack lift platform configurations.

  • Multiple screw jacks can be linked together manually or electrically.
  • Guides can be used to prevent the transmission of side load to the screw jack.
  • The jack quantity depends on the physical size and design of the platform. Fewer jacks are easier to align, drive and synchronize.
screw jack+ tilt platforms

screw jack+ tilt platform

hand crank screw jack lift platform

hand crank screw jack lift platform

ball screw jack lift platform

Inverted ball screw jack lift platform

screw jack platform drive

Upright screw jack platform drive

platform worm gear lifter

Platform worm gear lifter nut traveling

screw jack lifting platform

Three screw jack system lifting platform

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