LifingMotion motorized screw jacks are ideal for various industrial applications. It uses a motor to transform the rotatory movement into a linear motion. Regardless of lifting, lowering, moving, or tipping the load, we can supply you jacks with all kinds of motors to best fit your application requirements.

  • Load capacity from 0.25T to 120T
  • Tailed-made motor mounts to meet your specifications.
  • Upright or inverted, screw translating, nut rotating or keyed
  • Screw end options: top plate, clevis, plain end, thread end
  • Can use individually or in multiple arrangements.
  • Standard motor 380 volt, 3-phase, 60-hertz motor. The other motors like a stepper motor, servo motor, 110v three-phase asynchronous motor, 12v/24v/48v DC motor, single AC motor, helical gear motor, worm gear motor, etc all are no problem.

Motorized Worm Gear Screw Jack Configurations

With our wide range of accessories, motorized screw lift are easy to be extended to wide-area jack systems. It’s very easy to mount, reliable in use and versatile in application. Our specialized engineer can help you with the whole lifting system that you are ready to use.

  • Motor, speed reducer, screw jack calculation and selection
  • Couplings, shafts, bevel gearboxes, pillow block, handwheel, limit switch selection
  • All drive components from one single source.
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Features On Our Motorised Screw Jacks, Benefits on You

worm gear screw jacks

Over 10 Years of  Manufacturing and Application Experience

You can trust our products to deliver reliable performance year after year because they benefit from over 10 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Best Materials

We use the best materials to guarantee the performance & lifetime of the motorized worm gear screw jack you purchased.

  • Housing: Ductile iron housings.
  • Worm gear: ZQAl9-4 or ZCuSn10Pb1
  • Worm shaft: 20CrMnTi
  • Lifting Screw: C45, GCr15 or 316, 304.
  • Bearings: Tapered or ball thrust bearings

Wide-ranging Accessories Options

Wide-ranging accessories options are available, including shaft, motor flange, sensor, gearboxes, reducers, hand wheel, dust cover, reducer, and motor, etc.


The combination of affordable material and streamlined processing maintains the low cost of production without reducing the quality of the product.

Free CAD or 3D Drawing

Our highly experienced engineers can offer comprehensive technical support. You can count on us to deliver CAD drawings as well as the optimum solution you are after.

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