Mechanical Screw Jack

LiftingMotion LS series mechanical screw jacks are equipped with bevel gear set. Compared with the worm gear screw jack, it has high reliability, high speed, long service life, and easy to adjust reduction ratio.

  • Load capacity 2.5T -50T
  • Compact structure, wide power source, convenient installation
  • Types: screw translatingnut rotating, or keyed
  • Screw end options: top plate, clevis, plain end, thread end
  • Can use individually or in multiple arrangements.
  • Can be driven by an electric motor/handwheel or other power.
  • The max input speed is 500r/min, max lifting speed is 2.7m/min.

As a professional machine screw jack manufacturer with countless projects experience, we can supply tailored solutions to suit all kinds of applications.

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Mechanical Machine Screw Jack Spec & In-house Manufacturing

Max. Static Load ( KN )2550100150200250350500
Lifting Screw ( mm )Tr30x6Tr40x7Tr58x12Tr58x12Tr65x12Tr90x16Tr105x16Tr120x16
Gear Ratio-H1:11:11:11:11:11:1.51:1.51:1.5
Travel length ( mm ) per turn of worm shaft-H6712121210.710.710.7
Working Efficiency (%)-H2625262625222222
Gear Ratio-L1:21:21:21:21:21:2.51:2.51:2.5
Travel length ( mm ) per turn of worm shaft-L33.56666.46.46.4
Working Efficiency (%)-H26252626252119.518
Max. Permissible stroke ( mm )15002000250025003000350045005500
Max. Stroke(mm) in Max. Compression load ( Unguided)2503854005006008509001000
Max. Stroke(mm) in Max. Compression load ( guided)40077080010001200170018002000
Max. Permissible torque(N.m) of worm shaftH:92
H:232  L:116H:730  L:365H:1095  L:548H:1528  L:764H:2020
Weight without stroke ( Kg )4278112112148265340450
Weight per 100mm screw and protective tube( Kg )0.450.821.681.682.
H: High gear ratio  L: Slow gear ratio

With over 10 years of professional manufacturing experience, our specialized workers always produce mechanical machine screw jack with refined craftsmanship and consistent quality.

Whether working on large volume orders or simply 1 set, our standardized production process makes sure you get the same level of high-quality goods at a short lead time.

  • Well-trained Staffs
  • Extensive Manufacturing experience
  • Fully-equipped Production Workshop
  • Well-established manufacturing standard

As the screw jack is very heavy, especially for the one with a heavy load and long stroke, we value packing very much.

Every machine screw jack is carefully packed with plastic wrap, foaming agent, and carton box before it goes into the export wooden case.

Fixed devices are built into the wooden box to prevent movement during transportation for the long-stroke jacks, which ensures all parts are safe and sound after arrival.

cubic screw jack packing

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