In this video, it’s 17m stroke long worm gear screw jack, inverted nut rotating, with safety nut.

As a professional screw jack supplier, we do not just manufacture high-standard lifting and positing products, but supply tailored solutions for your specific applications.

  • Long travel up to 20m
  • Heavy loads up to 150 ton
  • High reliability
  • Extra safety
  • Flexible custom-made as per your drawing
  • One source for the whole screw jack system
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Long Screw Jack Real Application cases

  • Military industry heat treatment tank application
  • Specially custom-made screw jack gearbox
  • Top equipped with 17m long lifting screw
  • H shape layout four jack system
  • The most amazing design is that the gearbox and lifting screw is made separately for easy installation.
  • The most amazing part is that we supply tailored engineering solutions rather than just providing standard and off-the-shelf jacks, so you can get the products that best fit your applications.
1 ton machine wrom gear screw jack

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LiftingMotion has professional production technicians and an engineering team, you can trust us to supply the most optimum solution in a time and cost-saving manner.

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