“Inverted Screw Jack” or ” upright screw jack” describes the orientation of the lifting screw. One of the important procedures for planning the screw jack is defining the possible mounting positions of the screw jacks.

Inverted screw jack is the lifting screw protruding from the same side as the machined mounting face on the housing(lifting screw below the mounting base). On the contrary, upright screw jack is the lifting screw protruding opposite the machined mounting face(lifting screw above the mounting base).

Inverted Screw Jack has two types, screw translating type and nut traveling type.

You can talk to us early in the design phase. With over 10 years of global application experience in industries, our engineer will give you professional suggestions for your application including motor/speed reducer, etc.

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Inverted Screw Jack

Screw Translating Inverted

Inverted nut rotating Jack

Nut Travelling Inverted

Both upright and inverted are available in the below options. It depends on your application to choose the one you need.

  • Both are available in screw translating or nut rotating configurations.
  • Both are available in ball screw and machine screw.
  • Both are available with an anti-ration feature(keyed screw jack).
  • Both end configurations are available in the top plate, plain, threaded or clevis ends.
  • Both upright and inverted screw jacks are available to lift and precisely position loads up to 120 tons.
upright screw translating jack

upright translating 

inverted screw translating jack

Inverted translating

upright rotating jack

Inverted Rotating

inveted rotating jack

Upright Rotating

Standard Products

We have a large range of screw jacks, such as machine screw jack, ball screw jack, stainless steel jack, bevel gear jack, etc, each type has upright and inverted version. Heavy load, long-stroke, high speed can be achived.

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