Hand Crank Screw Jack

LiftingMotion hand crank screw jack is used for manually operating the screw jack. It’s a very cost-effective solution for lifting, lowering the load, or push-pull applications.

  • Quick manually lifting by hand crank bevel gear jack is available.
  • Normally use screw jack with load capacity from 0.25T to 20T
  • Operated manually by hand wheel or hand crank or handle
  • Cast iron or aluminum handwheels are available in a range of diameters from 80mm to 400mm
  • The screw jack uses an acme screw, it’s self-locking and can hold the position.
  • It can be vertically mounted facing up or down, or horizontally.
  • The hand crank jack can be supplied with a counter to provide immediate positional feedback to the user.
  • Best choice for power failure, low duty cycle, low speed, light load, low budget, or intermittent positioning applications.
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Common Hand Crank Screw Jack Layout

Hand crank screw jacks can be used as a single unit or in multiple layouts. It links two or more screw jacks by coupling, miter gearboxes, couplings etc, so the whole system is perfectly synchronized. A wide range of accessories is available for you to easily extend to a wide-area lifting platform.

The layouts are not limited as shown below. We can offer a variety of configurations to meet your application request. You save time-consuming choices for choosing us.

manual hand crank screw jack

two manual hand crank screw jack

It includes 2pcs self-locking screw jacks, 2pcs couplings, 1pcs hand wheels, 1pcs connecting shaft.

hand crank screw jack lift platform

three hand crank screw jack lift platform

It includes 3pcs self-locking screw jacks, 1pcs bevel gearbox, 6pcs couplings, 1pcs hand wheels, 3pcs connecting shaft.

four hand crank screw actuator

four hand crank screw actuator

It includes 4pcs self-locking screw jacks, 6pcs transmission gears, 4pcs couplings, 2pcs hand wheels, 2pcs connecting shaft.

Hand Crank Screw Jack For Lifting Tables

One of the typical applications for hand-crank screw jack is lifting tables. We offer manually height adjustment tables options as below.

  • Suggest jack quantity and layouts as per your desk sizes.
  • Suggest jack models as per your desk load.
  • Lifting height is made as per your request.
  • Select shaft sizes and handwheel diameter as per your desk load/sizes.
  • Custom made painting color to suit your desk(standard is blue)
  • Full necessary( couplings, shaft, pillow block, gears, miter gearbox, handwheel, bellow boots etc).
hand crank lift table
hand crank screw jack for lifting tables
hand crank tables lift screw jack sets

Choose LifingMotion and gain access to countless manual lifting screw jack table application experiences.

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