Electric Cylinder

LiftingMotion electric cylinders are suitable for heavy-duty lifting and lateral movement in the harsh working industrial field. It can replace hydraulics, reduce environmental pollution, save energy, and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Load capacity and stroke: custom made as per your application.
  • Consist of screw jacks gearbox, ball or acme screw, push rod in an external protection tube.
  • High rigidity and impact resistance.
  • The special precision guide bearing design offers better stability and lateral force capability.
  • Can be integrated with geared motor or AC motor to achieve different lifting speeds.
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Providing Completely Electric Lift Cylinder Solutions

The heavy Duty Electric Cylinders can use s single motor to drive several cylinders together to lift synchronously. There is a large range of accessories available: limit switch, anti-rotation device, telescopic dust cover, hand wheel, encoder, trunnion mounting plate, gear motor, motor, brake, clutch, etc.

You just need to tell us such as total load thrust, speed, stroke, dut circle, and lifting size requirements, our technical engineers will provide a detailed calculation process, selection of system components, and CAD final assembly drawing. Mature and reliable technical solutions will guarantee the safe operation of your equipment.

Heavy Duty Electric Cylinder
Electric Cylinder Actuators lift
Electric Cylinder Actuator

Electric Cylinder Jack Applications

Continuously making suggestions and solving problems, providing you with high-quality, reliable, and reasonably priced products is what are doing now. We can also provide customized design and production of various non-standard lifting equipment according to your application.  Electric cylinders are widely used in the below areas.

electric cylinder Turn over loading and unloading equipment equipment

Electric Cylinder Turn Over Loading and Unloading Equipment

Electric Cylinders used on fryer

Electric Lifting Cylinders Used On Fryer

  • Lifting devices for frying machines and refrigeration machinery
  • Lifting devices for monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace in the photovoltaic industry
  • Various actuators for medical equipment, woodworking machinery, food machinery
  • Aerospace, national defense military, astronomical telescopes
  • Vehicle lifts, flexible tooling and welding lifts, etc
  • And other remote control execution devices
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