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LiftingMotion cubic ball screw jack uses high-quality TBI ball screw, high strength cubic ductile iron housing and ZCuSn10Pb1 bronze worm gear. It offers a versatile mounting method, precise positioning, and fast speed. Superior quality and durability,  ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Travel lengths built to specification
  • Upright or inverted, grease-filled as standard.
  • Anti-backlash, anti-rotation, and safety nut
  • Types: screw translating, nut rotating, or keyed
  • Screw end options: top plate, clevis, plain end, thread end
  • Can use individually or in multiple arrangements.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, LiftingMotion has wide experience in the most diverse industrial applications, are able to supply you with the ideal solution.

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Cubic Ball Screw Jack Spec

Max. Lifting Load ( KN )10127182419503960576798
Screw Diameter and Lead ( mm )Ø20×5Ø20×10Ø20×20Ø32×5Ø32×10Ø32×20Ø40×10Ø40×20Ø50×10Ø50×20Ø63×10Ø63×20
Gear RatioH1/41/41/41/61/61/61/71/71/81/81/81/8
Travel length(mm) per full turn of worm ShaftH1.252.550.831.673.341.432.861.
Starting Efficiency %H353535323232333332323434
Working Efficiency % at 1500rpmH595959585858595958585858
Max. Permissible power ( KW )H0.570.570.571.
Starting torque at full load ( N.m )H5.613.415.67.418.931.535.551.437.370.941.7136.8
No-load Torque ( N.m )H0.
Jack Housing MaterialsNodular cast iron
Weight without stroke ( kg )6669.59.510232438406264
Weight of screw ( kg ), per 100mm stroke0.
Remarks: 1: Efficiency is under grease lubrication  2: H: High speed gear ratio  L: Low Speed Gear Ratio

Cubic ball screw type Option:

Upright screw translating               Inverted screw translating      Upright nut traveling        Inverted nut traveling

Screw end Option:

screw end option

Worm Shaft Input Options

worm shaft option

Screw Jack Necessories Options

screw jack necessories option 1 screw jack necessories option 2

Buid A Ideal System For You

LiftingMotion cubic ball screw jack can be built in different layouts by connecting with miter gearbox, motor, connecting shaft, handwheel, coupling, etc. Our professional engineer team can suggest the components and custom design a synchronized system for your precise needs.

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