Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks

LiftingMotion’s bevel ball screw jacks are especially suitable for high-speed, high accurate, and high-frequency applications. Five models are available, the capacities from 1 kN to 15 kN.

  • High-quality TBI ball screw
  • Cubic housing for easy, flexible mounting
  • Alloy steel input shafts, Grinding-grade spiral bevel gears
  • One shaft, two shafts, three shafts, four shafts available
  • Screw end options: top plate, clevis, plain end, thread end.
  • Three jack configurations: translating, rotating, and keyed.
  • Can use individually or in multiple arrangements

As a professional manufacturer with more than 10 years of production experience, as well as thousands of application experience in the field, we guarantee the reliability, quality, and service for you.

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Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack Spec & Application Video

Rated dynamic load ( N )1000300050001000015000
Ball Screw Diameter x Lead (mm)Ø16×5Ø20×5Ø25×5Ø32×5Ø40×5
Gear Ratio1:11:11:11:11:1
Efficiency ( % )5050505050
Starting Efficiency ( % )3535353535
Maximum Input Power ( KW )0.551.11.534
Maximum Input Speed ( r/min )800800800800800
Permissible Input Torque ( N.m )153049140200
No-Load Torque ( N.m )
Housing MaterialAluminum alloyNodular cast iron

Common Accessories

common necessories of bevel gear ball jack

Common Configrations

Quality is maintained throughout the bevel gear ball jacks manufacturing process, from material selection to mass production and packaging.

Our QC makes sure that all of our products follow industry standards through various inspections and tests.

Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack testing

Raw materials decide the screw jack’s overall quality. At LiftingMotion, we use the best materials to guarantee the performance & lifetime of the ball bevel gear ball screw jack you purchased.

  • Housing: Ductile iron housings. Compared with gray cast iron, it has higher plasticity and toughness, better mechanical properties, and its comprehensive properties are close to steel.
  • Worm gear: ZQAl9-4  or ZCuSn10Pb1, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not prone to seizure, good casting performance, and cutting performance.
  • Worm shaft: 20CrMnTi, Surface carburizing and hardening treatment has good workability, small processing deformation, and good fatigue resistance.
  • Lifting Screw: C45, GCr15 or 316, 304. For this series, it uses TBI brand ball screw.
  • Bearings: Tapered or ball thrust bearings, anti-friction, and provide rugged reliability.
  • Grease lubrication. Offers easy maintenance.

Every bevel gear ball screw jack is carefully packed with plastic wrap, foaming agent before it goes into the export wooden case.

Fixed devices are built into the wooden box to prevent movement during transportation for the long stroke jacks, which ensures all parts are safe and sound after arrival.

bevel gear ball screw jack packing

Bevel gear ball screw jack Application video 1

Bevel gear ball screw jack Application video 2

Features on Our Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks, Benefits on You.

Ideal Choice for Multi-jack Systems

Bevel ball jacks act as bevel gearboxes and eliminate the need,  making them an ideal choice for multi-jack systems.

Run Nearly Continuously Without Overheating

Hardened and ground spiral-toothed bevel gear set is used, the jacks have the capability to run nearly continuously without overheating.

Good Positioning and High Speed

Because of the greater efficiency and rolling action, the ball screw can operate at high speed and repeatability.

Good Price-performance ratio

At LiftingMotion, the relentless pursuit of quality and competitive prices has become one of our traditions. We believe every small effort can make a difference to catch high-standard service and products.

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