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China Professional Screw Jacks Manufacturer

LiftingMotion designs and produces a large range of screw jacks with load handling capacities from 1/4 ton to 120 tons. As a professional screw jack supplier in China with more than 10 years of production experience, as well as thousands of application experience in the field, we guarantee reliability, quality, and service.

  • Travel lengths built to specification.
  • Acme screw or ball screw, bevel gear set or worm gear set options
  • Manual screw jack operated by handwheel or motorized screw jack driven by motor options
  • Screw jack type options: keyed(anti-rotation), screw translating, nut rotating, anti-backlash etc
  • Use individually or in multiple screw jack arrangements.
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Industrial Precision Screw Jacks Lift

When considering the performance/cost ratio, Liftingmotion’s lifting screw jack or multiple jack system is always the best solution to lift, lower, push or pull a load. We have four main types of screw jacks: worm gear machine screw jacks, ball screw jacks, bevel gear jacks, stainless steel jacks.

To determine which type of screw jack is best for your application, you need to consider several factors, including load, self-locking capabilities, stroke, speed, efficiency, accuracy, duty cycle, and price, among others.

ball screw jacks
  • Improved speed, efficiency, duty cycle
  • Requires less motor power
  • Better positioning accuracy
  • Not suitable for manual operation
  • Need brake motor to hold the position
  • Load capacities: 1 ton to 100 ton
  • Input shafts: 1 or 2
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upright machine screw jacks
  • Slower travel speeds
  • Lower Efficiency
  • Lower duty cycles
  • Usually self-locking
  • Good choice for small load manual operation
  • Load capacities: 1 ton to 120 ton
  • Input shafts: 1 or 2
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bevel gear screw jacks
  • Fast travel speeds
  • High efficiency
  • High duty cycles
  • No suitable for heavy load
  • Load capacities: 1 ton to 25 ton
  • Input shafts: 1, 2 or 3
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staliness steel screw jack
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for vertical and light loads
  • Pre-loaded nut assembly reduces backlash
  • Safe for static loads
  • All external components made of Stainless Steel
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Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jacks
  • Fastest travel speeds
  • Highest efficiency
  • Highest duty cycles
  • Suitable for light load
  • Input shafts: 1, 2 or 3
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Electric Cylinders
  • Custom made load capacity and stroke
  • High rigidity and impact resistance
  • Can be made in ball screw or acme screw
  • Suitable for heavy-duty lifting
  • Suitable for harsh industrial field
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Solutions for Versatile Industries

LiftingMotion has been involved in power transmission for over 10 years and carried out thousands of projects. Therefore you can get the ideal solution from us with an optimal balance of lift, cost, and performance.

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Customize The Lifting Screw Jack For Your Need

LiftingMotion is far more than just a supplier of standard transmission screw jacks in China, you can also get customized product and turnkey system solutions to best meet your application.

Specially Design Bevel Gear Power Screw Jack Lift For AGV

Custom Precision Stainless Steel Jacks For Medical Industry

Customization Options

  • Speed, motor power, and travel length customized to suit your application
  • bevel gear or worm gear, acme screw or ball screw, grease lubrication or oil lubrication.
  • Input shafts number and length to meet your requirements
  • A range of different screw head types or customized head type
  • Non-standard screw diameter and pitch, non-standard gear ratio
  • Motor flange to your design
  • Bevel gearbox, couplings, shaft, and motors according to your application
  • Protection against contamination, high temperature, underwater, etc.
  • Special coating of housing, special panting request, components material
  • Completely custom-made sizes to replace the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc screw jacks.
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Configure a Complete Lifting System

screw jack necessories

LiftingMotion provides a wide range of components for industrial screw jack to suit your specific applications. From protective tubes to anti-backlash devices, our experienced engineers can earlier help you put them all together and configure a whole system.

The accessories include but are not limited as shown below:

  • Connecting shaft
  • Miter gearbox
  • Motor flange
  • Coupling
  • Protective tube
  • Counter
  • Encoder
  • handwheel
  • Limit switch
  • Trunnion Adapters
  • Planetary Speed Reducer
  • Pillow block/flange block
  • R/K/S/F series speed reducer, worm Gear Reducer
  • AC/DC, servo/stepper motor/gear motor/three-phase motor

Features on Our Screw Jacks Actuators, Benefits on You.

Over 10 Years of  Manufacturing and Application Experience

You can trust our products to deliver reliable performance year after year because they benefit from over 10 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.


The combination of affordable material and streamlined processing maintains the low cost of production without reducing the quality of the product.

Tailored solutions for your specific application

LiftingMotion understands that each customer and project can have unique requirements. Our highly experienced engineers can tailor an optimum solution to best fit your application and budget.

Hassle-free Technical Support

Whenever you need assistance regarding screw jack selection or solution, our professional technical team is always ready and available to address your concern with reliable results.

Need Help Selecting a Screw Jack? We’ve Got You Covered.

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