Translating screw jack is that lifting screw moves through the gearbox. When the motor or handwheel rotates the worm shaft, the integrated worm wheel will rotate together. The load is attached to the end of the lifting screw. When the load is restrained from rotation, the lifting screw will move linearly through the gearbox to move the load up and down.

If the application has a free load, which means the load doesn’t restrain the lifting screw from rotation, you will need an anti-rotation mechanism(here we call it keyed screw jack) to prevent lifting screw rotation.

A video below shows you how translating screw jack and rotating screw jack works. If you have any doubts or questions, LiftingMotion is always ready to assist and provide you with the most professional suggestions.

translating screw jack upright

translating screw jack upright

translating screw jack Inverted

translating screw jack Inverted

Translating Screw Jack Mounting Examples

vertical translating screw jack

Vertical Mounting Example

horizontal translating screw jack

Horizontal Mounting Example

tilt screw jack

Tilt Mounting Example

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