Rotating screw jack is also called nut traveling screw jack. When worm gear rotates, the lifting screw does not move up and down from the jack base, it simply rotates around its axis to move the bronze nut. The load is attached to the travel nut, the bronze nut moves linearly up and down.

LiftingMotion can supply all kinds of screw jacks including worm gear jack, bevel gear jack, ball screw jack, stainless steel jack , etc. Load from 0.25T to 120T. Their high reliability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications such as material handling, water processing, steel working equipment, solar tracking system, AGV, packing machines etc.

A video below shows you how translating screw jack and rotating screw jack works. If you need any assistance on your design, submit your questions to us, we will be happy to give suggestions.

upright rotating screw jack

upright rotating screw jack

inverted rotating screw jack

inverted rotating screw jack

Rotating Screw Jack Mounting Examples

upright rotating mounting

upright rotating screw jack mounting example

inverted nut travelling screw jack mounting

inverted rotating screw jack mounting example

horizontal rotating screw jack

 rotating screw jack horizontal mounting example

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