Screw Jack Horizontal Application

Can machine screw jacks use horizontally? The answer is yes.

In the world of industrial operations, screw jacks play a significant role in various industries for tasks like positioning, lifting, or moving loads. Screw jack is not only used vertically but also used horizontally or pivoting.

At LIFTINGMOTION, we understand the unique needs of horizontal operations, and are able to deliver tailored solutions to suit your specific project requirements.

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Customer Success Horizontal Application Cases

Efficient Handling of Heavy Loads in Horizontal Lifting

Below are some real application photos of our screw jack horizontal mounting. By strategically positioning the screw jacks and integrating them into the horizontal lifting mechanism, we ensured robust solutions for horizontal lifting applications.

These successful projects prove the reliability and effectiveness of our screw jack in various industries.

Screw jack Horizontal mounting
Horizontal Screw jacks
Screw jack Horizontal Application

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Whether you’re planning a horizontal lifting project, precise positioning, or any other horizontal operation, our professional team at LIFTINGMOTION is ready to Help.

Contact us today to explore how our screw jack solutions can optimize your horizontal application, and ensure your project’s success.