LifingMotion screw jack for solar tracking energy solutions meets today’s challenges. To better serve the markets, we provide both standard and customized screw jacks with shortened lead time and reduced cost.
These solar tracking screw jacks are available in machine screws and ball screws. Cast iron housing or cast aluminum housing, rugged high-strength bronze worm gear, as well as anti-fiction tapered roller bearing is used, providing excellent extreme weather reliability. The most important LiftingMotion screw jack actuator requires low maintenance.
  • Customized screw jack tailed to your application
  • Swivel trunnion mounting base, swivel mounting plate is available for easy installation
  • Protective pipe cover and bellow is used for protecting the lifting screw
  • Threaded ends with swivel rods, clevis end  is available
  • Limit switches equipped on the protective tube are available for controlling full extend and retract travel stroke.
  • Motor option: AC or DC motor
  • Typical speed: 150mm/min to 300mm/min
Machine Screw Jack For Solar Tracking

Customized Machine Screw Jack For Solar Tracking

It uses cast aluminum, specially design for customer-specific applications.

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solar tracking machine screw jack actuators

Standard Screw Jack Actuator For Solar Positioning Systems

It uses our standard worm gear machine screw jack LMM series, cast iron housing with clevis end.

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LiftingMotion can provide machine screw jack, ball screw jack, stainless steel jack, customized screw jack etc, the load capacities are from 2.5kn to 1200kn. You have a wide choice from working with us. Get an affordable and tailored solution for high-quality standard solar tracking screw jacks from us now.

solar tracking screw jack actuator

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